A Letter to the one I love who said he can’t love me back

Hi baby. Up until now I still can’t grasp the reality of what you said. It wounded me to my very core with those words “ I can’t force myself to love you“. I know you don’t have any obligations to love me back. But I really thought, I felt loved by you. And now I’m thinking really hard if I just imagined that all along. You said you can’t pretend anymore and that you don’t want to fool yourself anymore but what about what I feel? What about everything only you had made me feel. I’m sorry that I can’t accept it. I loved you like you were my first and my last. For me, you were the best thing that has ever happened to me but in yours I’m just a mere spec of dust in the wind. I’m in pain and every moment that passes by it feels like I’m starting not to live. I breathe but I don’t feel alive. It’s so unfair that you can’t love me back or did you love me? Did I just overwhelmed you with my love? Love which is big enough that the whole universe can drown in it but now I’m drowning without you.

I hope someday  I can unloved you if that’s even possible. I’ll try to hug this pain and learn to live with it. I’m still hoping that someday you’ll love me back. But now I’ll just let the tears fall because that’s the only thing I could do at the moment. Like I always say, I will love you always and forever. I’m praying to God that he’ll help me get through with this. I believe that everything has a purpose and God is just preparing me for the love I deserve. That’s what I’ll do, trust in Him.

You should take care of yourself and continue to live your dreams, I’ll be in the shadows silently supporting. I’m still your number one fan.  Praying that you’ll have the best of life. I love you, goodbye.

With all the love and sincerity,



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