A letter to the man who’s scared to fall in love

I get it now. I finally understand everything.

You were afraid. You were overwhelmed by how deep and vast this ocean of my love for you can get.  You were so scared that you’ll drown in love. You were not ready to dive in. You kept yourself by the shore. You stayed dry while I enjoyed and got to experienced everything love has to offer. When I told you to come and join me,

you said no.

You didn’t jump,

You just turned your back,

tucked your tail and ran.

Hear me out baby, love doesn’t work that way. It makes you float. And I won’t let you drown. I’ll be with you even at the deepest and darkest part of this love. I won’t leave you alone. But you never gave it a chance. You cowered. You were too scared to try. That’s the saddest part.

You never tried.

But as I look at your back slowly fading away from my sight, I’m still hoping. I will continue to hope that someday, you’ll have the courage to be with me and experience everything this love has to offer. And til that day, I will continue to love and wait here for you.


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