I guess this is it.

I’m finally letting you go. Yes, after all these time I was still hoping you’d come back to your senses. I waited for you. I gave myself a month, a month to try to make us work but I’m finally giving you up. I finally realized I can’t win this fight, no matter what I do, I was meant to lose.

I was hurt and until now I’m still hurting. I gave you my all. I gave you everything I could give. I tried to be the best version of myself for you. I tried to change everything about me I can barely recognize myself. Now, I’ve decided that I should not settle for anything less. That I should have someone who’s willing to accept me for who I am. Who’s going to love the whole wrecked me. That someone who’ll be there when I need him. And that someone who loves me the way I love him. 

This pain sucks. It’s digging its way into my soul. It creates darkness I don’t want to linger. But I have to endure this. I still hope that one day this pain will subside. That someday I can still love someone as much as I loved you.


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