To the Girl he loves now

I don’t know how to express these feelings I’m going through right now. But before anything else, I want to tell you how lucky you are. He effortlessly loved you. I’m so jealous of that. I fell in love with him and worked my ass off to get him to fall for me. I had to change myself. I had to put up with his tantrums. I had to beg him to try loving me- to at least give me a chance. I did all that because I love him so much and I know it’ll be worth it. All those pain and heartaches are worth it. And I don’t regret anything. I just wished I had held on a little longer. I tried to move on. I tried to fake my happiness. Yes, I had to fake it because I no longer have my happiness. He’s no longer mine. You are so lucky because finally he decided to correct what he had done to me by loving you- to try harder to love you. Everything he had done to me that hurt me, he’s going to try to make it up for it by loving you. You are so lucky. You have the man of my dreams, my love, my happiness, my soulmate. It’s hard to let him go. But I never really had him. He never let me. We jest kept on missing each other but I still love him. I would be happy if he can finally have his true happiness in you. I hope you can love him enough to try and understand him. Don’t let go even if he tells you to, instead hold on tighter. Love him hard. Take care of him. Please do that for me because I can’t do it anymore. Remember that he is worth it. He is so worth it. He is worth all the pain. You have someone so precious, don’t lose him like I did.


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