I didn’t know I can be turned on by words. Not words spoken to me To make me feel special, No, not those words.   I didn’t know you love to write. I didn’t know you have that magic on your mind You have this magnetic pull Dragging me, attracting me to your core.   … Continue reading Word-effin-gasm


Paano ba huminto?

Bakit ang hirap tumahan Bakit ang hirap pigilan nang pag-iyak? Bakit sa twing naaalala ka Umiiyak pa din ang dibdib Naninikip. Nayayamot. Nangungulila sa yakap mo na dati’y akin Alam ko naman na dapat ko ng tigilan Alam ko na mali na masaktan. Sino ba pumili ng ganitong kapalaran? Ako, Ako naman ang tuluyang bumitaw … Continue reading Paano ba huminto?

Unsung Melody

I saw your eyes again the same set I last saw since the day I walked out that door. I still feel the loneliness Your hand still fits mine perfectly, like it was made Only for me. My heart claws on your walls trying to find its way back in, Again and again it tries … Continue reading Unsung Melody

To the Girl he loves now

I don’t know how to express these feelings I’m going through right now. But before anything else, I want to tell you how lucky you are. He effortlessly loved you. I’m so jealous of that. I fell in love with him and worked my ass off to get him to fall for me. I had … Continue reading To the Girl he loves now

A letter to the man who’s scared to fall in love

I get it now. I finally understand everything. You were afraid. You were overwhelmed by how deep and vast this ocean of my love for you can get.  You were so scared that you'll drown in love. You were not ready to dive in. You kept yourself by the shore. You stayed dry while I … Continue reading A letter to the man who’s scared to fall in love

A Letter to the one I love who said he can’t love me back

Hi baby. Up until now I still can't grasp the reality of what you said. It wounded me to my very core with those words " I can't force myself to love you". I know you don't have any obligations to love me back. But I really thought, I felt loved by you. And now … Continue reading A Letter to the one I love who said he can’t love me back