I was not expecting this

Who would’ve thought It could be this way? Who would’ve guessed We were meant to be something else   I looked at you everyday I was always looking but never seeing. But until that day I held your hand That was the very first moment I saw you   I never thought being wrapped in … Continue reading I was not expecting this


To the Girl he loves now

I don’t know how to express these feelings I’m going through right now. But before anything else, I want to tell you how lucky you are. He effortlessly loved you. I’m so jealous of that. I fell in love with him and worked my ass off to get him to fall for me. I had … Continue reading To the Girl he loves now

A letter to the man who’s scared to fall in love

I get it now. I finally understand everything. You were afraid. You were overwhelmed by how deep and vast this ocean of my love for you can get.  You were so scared that you'll drown in love. You were not ready to dive in. You kept yourself by the shore. You stayed dry while I … Continue reading A letter to the man who’s scared to fall in love